Is cork spray only useful on exterior projects?

Cork is very useful for many things, both indoors and out. It carries the same principles inside and out. It can be decorative. Our cork can be brushed, rolled, Sprayed, troweled and tooled with designs. It can be used in bathrooms because of its resistance to mould and it breaths. It can be used for sound dampening up to 18 decibels. Cork can be put over stipple or instead of stipple. It makes all drywall way more durable and it takes the Echo right out of your house. It is class b fire retardant and give off less toxic smoke. This gives you more time to get out of your home in the case of a fire.

Some other benefits of cork spray are: uv resistance (fades 1% /yr while paint/stucco fades up to 10% /yr), highly elastic, water repellent, breathable, voc free, crack filling , it is 100% eco friendly and it is Leed certified.

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