How much water does wet blasting use? Will it flood my house if you blast my deck?

Water usage can be completely controlled as low as 5 g/hr and most of the water will turn into vapour. If you have landscape issues or concerns of water, we can use poly against the foundation with industrial landscape fabric on the poly so the water will flow away from the basement. As the water flows thru the landscape fabric the contaminants are filtered leaving just the debris behind for easy cleanup.

Pressure washing your building alone can use from 120 g/hr to 240 g/hr using an average pressure washer. We stress this as there is a common misconception that wet blasting uses a lot of water. If you want to see a video showing how little water runoff there is, take a look at this video of us blasting a Kal-Tire building. Notice of how little water there is on the ground.

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