About Us

Our Mission

“Our mission at WozBuilt is to provide our customers with the best possible preparation to almost any substrate and for almost any coating. We guarantee it, as nothing gives you better adhesion and a cleaner uncontaminated substrate than wet abrasive blasting.”

Our Story

Robert Wozney is the owner and founder of WozBuilt Wet Blasting. Robert grew up on a farm near the small community of Gray Saskatchewan and having grown up on a farm, he has developed the skills and attitude of rural areas, which is “work needs to get done and it needs to get done right.” This has also helped him develop the value of giving back to the community, which is one of the reasons Robert had been trained as a local volunteer fire fighter for the town of Riceton, SK and a first responder. As well, Robert has donated hundreds of hours at the Regina Motocross track developing the Enduro course and redeveloping the practice, junior and flat tracks.

Robert’s career experience is what has really driven him to open WozBuilt. Having his Interprovincial Red Seal Journeyperson in motor vehicle body repair, Robert has learned what it takes to prep a project correctly so the finished coating will last. WozBuilt now allows Robert to take his knowledge, passion and dedication to quality and apply it to his blasting and restoration business.

As a teenager, Robert was already working on engines and restoring vehicles while he worked at the Riceton Co-op. He then picked up some more strong work habits when he worked for SWC Feeders in Riceton. Working there he had to care for 500 pigs and hundreds of chickens. Anyone who has worked with farm animals can testify the effort required!

Numerous other jobs, such as working for Jay’s Transport where he acquired his 1A license, Western Geophysical where he apprenticed as a heavy duty and automotive mechanic. and the Wilcox and Lewvan Co-op’s where he worked as the assistant manager, all allowed Robert to grow his skills which he has been able to transfer into his WozBuilt business.

Eventually, Robert moved on to working within the auto body field. Working for Artistic Auto Body, A & B Auto Body, Regina Motor Products and Regina Auto Body allowed Robert to become the Red Seal Journeyperson he is. Then working at Brant Industries as a foreman, painter and welder and then working at ACME Environmental Services as a truck driver, heavy equipment operator, welder fabricator, painter, industrial mechanic, heavy duty and automotive mechanic he further enhanced his fabrication skillset.

Robert’s years of gained knowledge, skills and experience are now all being utilized at WozBuilt. This is now Robert’s passion and once you talk to him, you will quickly find out that he is dedicated to doing the best work he can for any customer.

Robert Wozney – Owner and founder of WozBuilt  Mobile  Abrasive Blasting, Restorations & Thermal Cork Spray
Robert’s certificationsCertificate

Business Principles

At WozBuilt we strongly believe in the following principles:

  • WozBuilt believes in giving their customers a premium service. We truly believe in making things last as long as possible and in using the best products to do the job right the first time.
  • WozBuilt will guarantee to the customer the adhesion after blasting for the life of almost any product on almost any substrate. We will also guarantee for other contractors, the area will be clean, prepped and ready for the next stage of the process.
  • Wozbuilt will give a zero trace guarantee for customers if needed for really difficult areas indoors or for protecting plants, flowers or the landscape outdoors. Normally WozBuilt will cleanup and leave an area cleaner than it was before we got there.
  • WozBuilt will warranty the adhesion of cork spray for 10 years on almost any substrate if the substrate was blasted and prepped by Wozbuilt. The cork spray product itself will also be warrantied against colour fade for 10 years.
  • WozBuilt believes knowledge and continuous learning is extremely important. To be able to provide a premium service, new products and techniques of applying them need to be studied. Training and certifications are always ongoing at WozBuilt.

The WozBuilt Solution

Our solution to your problem is simple…

Mobility and Versatility. Today’s blasting industry is slowly being confined to indoor commercial blasting booths to meet air quality and environmental restrictions. However, many objects that need cleaning are permanently fixed and/or too large to fit into a booth. WozBuilt is a mobile service solving these issues and providing an efficient, affordable and dustless option for your cleaning and stripping projects.

Clean water is supplied from our mobile on board tanks. The water suspends the medium in the cleaning stream when wet blasting, reducing airborne particles by up to 98% during cleaning of substrates. Water consumption is very low, from 5 gallons / hr using as low as 50lbs / hr of media.

Air pressure as low as 30 psi effectively removes many coatings. Lower air pressures combined with water greatly reduce the need for containment, reducing clean up time at your site. We can be gentle enough to remove graffiti off of sand stone, clean stained stucco or cement, paint or stain from wood or we can crank it up to 150 psi to blast the old, shalling surface of your driveways and sidewalks to look more updated and new like washed aggregate.

With our Geoblaster unit we can remove the hardest industrial coatings like powder coatings, epoxies, linex and undercoating seam sealers 15 times faster than any other blasting, heating or chemical removal methods without using chemicals or damage to the substrate. So far there is no known substance or coating that we cannot remove.

The Geoblaster equipment will clean surfaces that other methods cannot; it has proven effective in cleaning many materials quickly, easily and without damaging them. It cleans wood, plastics, composites, steel, aluminum, brass, ceramic tile, concrete, asphalt, decorative pavers, stone, brick and more. The process is dustless, environmentally friendly and can even be performed indoors.

No Plant shut down. Many businesses can not afford a shut down so WozBuilt abrasive blasting will not, in most cases, affect your day to day operations. In the case that we cannot perform our services while you conduct your daily business, WozBuilt will be more than willing to work with you so we can arrange times that your business and customers are not disturbed. No shut down is necessary. WozBuilt and staff will work evenings, nights and weekends in the rain if need be to ensure your business is still functioning.

Whatever your blasting project requires, WozBuilt has the equipment, experience and attitude to get your job done and to get it done right!

Protecting and Clean Up your Property

If a customer requests cleanup or a job requires it when we are finished, WozBuilt will do our best to leave your property better and cleaner than when we got there. We want there to be zero trace of us being there, except of course, traces of the job we were paid to do! WozBuilt will protect yours and any neighboring properties and buildings, windows, plants and structures so we do not damage anything. We will use portable walls, barriers, plastic, tarps etc. to make clean up quick and as easy as possible. It is important to stress this fact as it is common for many sandblasting outfits to just blast and leave the mess for the customer to clean up.