Do’s & Dont’s

Helpful hints for proper Surface Preparation:

Power washing / Presser washing:

Most brick manufactures do not recommend using more than 300 psi with a wide fanned 50 degree nozzle at an angle to clean with. Any more than this can break down the binders and other elements in the brick. The same goes with Stucco.

Recommendations from the Brick industry association:

This is the best sight we have found on the care and maintenance of Brick and is very descriptive on all types!

Information on Spalled / Shaling Concrete:

Our solution for Spalding Concrete is to blast off the loose Shailing surface to make it look like washed aggregate!

Power washing porous sub straights wood, brick masonry ECT:

This method of preparation is for cleaning only no adhesion is gained with this process unless an abrasive is used to gain a profile for adhesion. In order for a coating whether it is a stain, primer, paint to adhere to a sub straight there needs to be a surface profile for adhesion to take place. You might think that a surface like wood is porous the product you are using will soak in and stick. On new wood you might be right but on a weathered surface years of erosion sort of speak have polished the surface and the surface has also naturally closed its pores protecting itself to the environment. While pressure washing has cleaned the surface from dirt pealing coatings ECT it has also driven in contaminants of all kinds into the sub straight. Most power washers use over 2000 PSI some are as high as 4000 for regular house hold washers now the surface is polished and the chance of adhesion is very poor at best. Unless the sub straight is sanded or something has created a profile for the coating to adhere to. The coating will just simply not stick properly, creating a waste of time and money causing unnecessary pain and suffering for you the customer.

Our solution is simple:

We will come to your work site, if the job calls to protect the surrounding area buildings, windows, plants ect Wozbuilt will put down containment plastic, tarps, blankets, portable walls ect to contain the contaminants. Wozbuilt will use our wet abrasive blaster at the lowest pressure necessary to clean, strip and leave a clean Polished sub straight. If a profile is needed to create adhesion of a coating we will use the appropriate grit, media and presser for the sub straight to be blasted and the coating being used.
Wozbuilt can put on clear UV protected sealers on masonry products either permanent or temporary Silicone based. (Washable for graffiti) Clear sealer will protect the sub straight from staining, mold, mildew, dirt and other contaminants and make it much easier to clean and maintain. Wozbuilt can recommend a contractor or recommend any products and coatings for DIY people.

Wozbuilt believes preparation of every sub straight is the first most important step for any manufactures product or coating to live out its full potential in any indoor, outdoor, submerged or corrosive environment.