Industrial and Commercial

Metal cladding: WozBuilt can brush blast metal cladding leaving the original coating intact. This leaves an etched surface for guaranteed adhesion for almost any new coatings to be applied. We can also remove multiple layers of any coating leaving the galvanic coating intact with no warping of the metal cladding.

When we are done blasting, the substrate will be completely ready for the next stage.

Zero Trace Guarantee: WozBuilt can offer you a Zero Trace Guarantee. What this means is that when we are done we will clean up the surrounding area and leave it cleaner than it was when we got there. I don’t know it must be the Boy Scout left in us.

Kal tire

Kal-Tire East Regina after being blasted and painted (Paint work completed by Bow Home Services of Saskatoon )

Community pool

Wilkie town pool prior to being blasted and painted

Community pool

Wilkie town pool during the wet blasting process. Notice how little water there is. Most of it is absorbed by the debris.

Community pool

Wilkie town pool after being blasted. Due to the customer budget a scratch coat wasn’t applied, but it still turned out great.

Cindercrete Block / Brick / Masonry: WozBuilt can clean and prep unpainted substrates or strip the coatings right off of them without damage to the substrate.

Water penetration into a building: This is always a concern and it should be! If water penetration is an issue, we can first dry blast with a small tip all the areas that need repaired. Then we can repair them with a top quality, appropriate product as per the substrate and manufacture representative recommendations. After the product has cured, we can commence wet abrasive blasting without worry of water penetration into the building and in most case make the repair virtually invisible.

Services for daily business: In the case that we cannot perform our services while you conduct your daily business, WozBuilt and staff will be more than willing to work with you to organize times so your business and customers are not disturbed. No shut down will be necessary.

Water tower

This isn’t WozBuilt, but we have the equipment to blast a water tower if you have one!