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Corkco Cork Spray is the newest construction material to hit the industry. There are so many benefits to this product that it wouldn’t make sense not to install it to the outside of your property. Corkco Cork Spray has a thermal conductivity level of 0.086 which is comparable to wool. Corkco cork spray is flexible and will never crack unless physical damage occurs to the property. If damage does happen to occur, touch ups are easy to apply because corkco cork spray repels UV and barely fades. Corkco Cork Spray is easy to apply and has a great look. The best part is that the price is comparable to exterior paint. Check out our website at www.corkco.ca
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Corkco offers cork spray to major of cities across Canada. Cork spray is a get way to insulate your property. There is no R-Value when it comes to cork spray but cork spray offers a thermal break. Think of cork spray like wool. Wool has roughly R-Value but will keep you warm. Cork Spray is the same idea. When spraying cork spray to your building it is like wrapping your property in wool.
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DIASEN. Paul Cigna explains Diasen’s history and what they represent at the Toronto National Home Show. Corkco & Diasen have the same goal and that is to present the best products for exterior cladding. Some of DIASEN’s products have LEED Certification – EWB with the US green building counsel and Italy green building counsel.