Spray Cork

What is it?

CorkDefense Cork Spray is the latest evolution of coloured finishes: it is not an ordinary paint, but a real protective coating that acts like a second skin. It decorates, it contributes effectively to thermal and acoustic insulation of walls, it maintains the breathability of walls, it protects against water infiltrations and it avoids cracks and lesions. Along with the above mentioned features, it is a durable and long lasting solution over years.

CorkDefense Cork Spray is a coloured finish coating formulated with 100% water-based acrylic resins and pure granular cork, with selected and controlled granulomere. Cork is a natural material, quickly renewable and absolutely not dangerous for the environment or human health. A single-component and ready to use product, available in many different colours, quick and easy to apply, that protects and decorates any kind of facade, wall or floor in a smart, elegant and practical way.

Cork Defense

CorkDefense Thermal Decoration

​Our thermal decoration comprises of external cork spray and interior cork designs. We have a range of sprays that are eco-friendly and easy to use. There are a lot more benefits of using cork sprays instead of traditional paints for the structures.

​CorkDefense Cork Spray

​Exterior cork spray has superior color finishing. These sprays are ecologically prepared with water-based resins and accurately selected cork. These are breathable sprays and have benefits of thermal insulations. These sprays would resist extreme heat and extreme cold temperatures and keep the home or office at suitable temperatures.

Cork exterior sprays are breathable and also sound absorbing. You would not need to worry about issues like echo and extra noise production once you have these sprays on your walls. Cork sprays are also water resistant and would not mess away or fade with water contacts. This makes them suitable for interior and exterior walls equally. It is a unique and beautiful addition to cork thermal decoration materials from our company.

Cork sprays are also elastic and would not create cracks. These sprays resist mold and fungus and ensure additional hygiene for the walls. Cork sprays are resistant to UV rays and other weathering agents that may tend to harm finishing of walls. They are easy to use and can be easily used with the help of trowel or traditional hopper gun.

CorkDefense Cork Designs

​Our cork designs are innovative, eco-friendly and decorative coating made with water-resins and cork inserts. They are best suitable for creating decorative effects. Cork designs can be used in with many types of interior materials like plasters, synthetic materials, wood and metals, etc. These are breathable and water repellent designs. Our designs are easy and fast to apply. These designs are LEED accredited and exhibit excellent aesthetic effect.

Our designs can be used with variety of creative ideas and would create and exquisite ambience of the area.

Cork Render

Coloured finish cork spray made of cork and water-based resin, with high thermal insulation power, sound absorbing, water repellent and breathable. It extremely elastic to use on finish facades and external/internal thermal plasters.

House sprayed with cork
House being prepped  for cork spray
Building with cork spray applied

Cork Render cork spray is an innovative coloured finish, formulated with water-based resins and cork. Cork Render cork spray has excellent features of thermal insulation, sound absorption, breathability, water repellency and elasticity. It is usable as a coloured finish for facades and thermal plaster.

It has excellent adhesion capability to any kind of substrate and for this reason, it can be used in many situation such as, wood, metal, plasters, synthetic materials, cementitious substrates, both inside and outside. Cork Render cork spray contributes to the thermal and acoustic insulation of the walls to which it is applied, and it protects the structure from the absorption of wind driven rain.

Its breathability makes breathable walls, thus contributing to the internal living comfort. The high elasticity of the material allows the structure, finished with Cork Render cork spray, to avoid cracks and lesions. Cork Render cork spray is available in a wide range of colours and it can be tinted using water based colours to obtain customized colours. Cork Render cork spray is easy and simple to apply by trowel or traditional hopper gun.


  • Ecological and eco-friendly solution
  • Breathable
  • It contributes to the thermal insulation of a building structure
  • Sound absorbing
  • Water repellent: it impedes the water absorption by masonry
  • Elastic: it does not crack
  • It allows restoring those facades which present cracks
  • Resistant to mold and fungus
  • Salty air resistant
  • Resistant to UV rays and weathering agents
  • Resistant to both high and low temperature
  • It can be used both inside and outside


Cork and water-based resins decorative coating, with high thermal insulating properties, breathable and water repellent. Eco-friendly product studied to create decorative effects on walls, ceiling and floors.

DeCork is innovative, decorative and eco-friendly coating, formulated with water-resins and cork-inserts. Our DeCork can be used in many situations: wood, metal, plasters, synthetic materials and concrete substrates. The product is suitable both inside and outside. The breathability of Decork allows the masonry to breathe, contributing to housing comfort of the internal environment. The product is available in a wide range of colours and is suitable to create many decorative effects. DeCork is easy and quick to apply by trowel or hopper guns


  • Suitable for decorative effects
  • Breathable and water repellent
  • Excellent aesthetic effect
  • Easy and fast to apply
  • LEED accredited

Thermal Conductivity and R-Values

Information describing the differences between thermal conductivity and R-values.

PDF file

Cork Render Colour Chart

The Diasen colour chart of the most common standard colours. Custom colours can be engineered for a one time fee of $100. Depending on the size of the job, this engineering fee will usually be waived.

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Cork Spray Questions

Absolutely not. Cork and all building materials included are actually rated on a scientific term called Thermal Conductivity, not R value. R Value is a false marketing scheme. All building materials change in value as the temperature, humidity and altitudes change.

For example: Thermal conductivity of building materials, is measured in how long it takes a certain material to transfer heat / cold energy through it. The longer it takes, the smaller the decimal. The longer it takes for heat energy to go through a material the more (insulation) energy savings it has.

The thermal conductivity of Cork from Diasen is 0.086

Here is an analogy that everyone can understand and could be a fun test for those so inclined: Picture a full aluminum beer can compared to a full glass beer bottle, sitting in the sun. Put them in a cooler of ice! The beer can will always be cooler to begin with and it will cool off much quicker once placed on the ice. How significant is this difference? The difference would be Aluminum has a thermal conductivity rating of 237.0 The Glass 0.93 (FYI Copper 390.0) The aluminum is able to dissipate the heat even in the sun! Now there is a lot of difference isn’t there? My beer is going to be way colder quicker in the can, and I didn’t melt all the dam ice in my cooler trying to cool off my beer with the aluminum cans. This difference is huge when I want my beer cold and I want the ice to last all day or weekend.

We can put cork spray on almost any substrate with the exception being vinyl siding.

Cork is very useful for many things, both indoors and out. It carries the same principles inside and out. It can be decorative. Our cork can be brushed, rolled, Sprayed, troweled and tooled with designs. It can be used in bathrooms because of its resistance to mould and it breaths. It can be used for sound dampening up to 18 decibels. Cork can be put over stipple or instead of stipple. It makes all drywall way more durable and it takes the Echo right out of your house. It is class b fire retardant and give off less toxic smoke. This gives you more time to get out of your home in the case of a fire.

Some other benefits of cork spray are: uv resistance (fades 1% /yr while paint/stucco fades up to 10% /yr), highly elastic, water repellent, breathable, voc free, crack filling , it is 100% eco friendly and it is Leed certified.

Definitely not! Diasen Cork is 100% eco friendly, non VOC and single component.

Cork spray is like a thermal blanket wrapped around your building and it has a thermal conductivity rating of 0.086, stucco is 01.00. Cork is flexible, mould reststant, bug and rodent resistant, Color fade is 1% / year (paint and stucco is up to 10% / year). It has an 18 decibel sound rating. Cork spray is less expensive than stucco.

Yes, definitely it is very durable, anti slip and comfortable to walk on. We also have cork compatible sealants that make it even more durable for high traffic areas. It is water repellent and breathable.

You are correct, our cork spray is not harmful to the environment. It is made with 100% water based Resins and it is a single component product. When fully cured, it cannot be washed off with any known chemical or cleaners.

Yes it is in principle functionality and durability, but Decork is more expensive and has way more decorative abilities. Decork allows the applicator unlimited possibilities. Your imagination and creativity is the only limit. Click HERE to see a quick video about DeCork.

Starts at 5$ /sqf on average.

We have many common standard colours, however we can colour match any colour for a one time $100 engineering fee.

Yes, a thicker application of cork will increase the thermal conductivity of the substrate. However, it gets to a point where there could be more cost effective solutions to increase the insulation properties. For example, there are smoothers and insulation which could be applied underneath the cork spray.

For a typical application the thickness is 3/16 of an inch.

The amount of preparation is dependent on the situation and every situation is different. Most of the preparation will revolve around masking items like doors, windows and moldings which aren’t being sprayed or are being sprayed a second colour.